CG Govt to send letter to Centre to meet shortage of chemical fertilizers in state

CG Govt to send letter to Centre

Raipur. In view of the short supply of chemical fertilizers from the center in the state, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has asked the Agriculture Production Commissioner to coordinate with the Center and write a letter for the supply of chemical fertilizers as per the demand. He asked the officials to keep an eye on the weather conditions and ensure the availability of sufficient quantity of fertilizers and seeds where there is shortage of manure, seeds. In a meeting held at the Chief Minister’s residence here today, the Chief Minister reviewed the rainfall situation, availability of fertilizers and seeds, water logging situation in irrigation reservoirs, coverage of Kharif crops, measures to prevent infectious diseases. Agriculture Minister Ravindra Choubey was also present in the meeting.

The Chief Minister said that Chhattisgarh is far ahead of other states in the production of wormy compost. Wormy compost can be done to a large extent to meet the shortage of chemical fertilizers. In the coming time, the production of organic compost will have to increase. He directed to take strict action in cases of complaints of over rate of chemical fertilizers. During the review of measures to prevent infectious diseases during rains, the Chief Minister directed to ensure adequate storage of essential medicines, cleanliness in cities, cleanliness and chlorination of water sources, hand pumps.

The Chief Minister said in the meeting that under MNREGA, structures for conservation and augmentation of ground water should be constructed on priority. This will improve the ground water level, increase the availability of water for irrigation and will also be beneficial for the eco system. He said that the Narva development works carried out in the forest areas in the last two-three years are yielding good results. In Tamor Pingala and Achanakmar, elephant groups have been at one place for a long time, because they are getting water and fodder there. Similarly, in other areas affected by elephants, there is a need to speed up the works of Narva development, this will reduce elephant-human conflict. While reviewing the development of pastures in Gauthans, the Chief Minister said that groups producing fodder should be allowed to sell fodder in the open market, this would increase their income and additional fodder should be made available for cattle by making silages.

The Chief Minister urged to the farmers to get maximum number of crop insurance. It was informed in the meeting that in Kharif year 2021, a premium of Rs 157.65 crore was paid by 13.77 lakh farmers for crop insurance, out of which a total premium of Rs 1199 crore was paid, against which 4 lakh 8 thousand farmers were paid Rs 758.43 crore. Insurance claim paid. Similarly, in Rabi 2021-22, a premium of Rs 15.96 crore was paid by 2.32 lakh farmers, out of which a total of Rs 153 crore was paid, against which a premium of Rs 304.49 crore was paid to one lakh 58 thousand eligible farmers.

It was informed in the meeting that in Kharif 2022, a total demand of 13.70 lakh metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers including Urea, DAP, NPK, Potash and Super Phosphate has been made available by the center, against which only 6.30 lakh metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers were supplied by the center to Chhattisgarh. A total of 11.03 lakh metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers were stored in Markfed, cooperative societies and private sectors, which is 81 percent of the target set for Kharif 2022. In comparison to storage, 67 percent chemical fertilizers have been distributed to the farmers including committees and private sector. Officials said that this year more chemical fertilizers have been distributed to the farmers in the same period last year. In the Kharif year 2022 till July 11, 7.35 lakh metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers were distributed, while 6.74 lakh metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers were distributed during the last year. Agriculture Production Commissioner Dr. Kamalpreet Singh told that farmers have been advised to use organic compost, prepared in the Gauthan, with urea, NPK, super phosphate and potash in prescribed quantity to overcome the shortage of DAP fertilizer.

The officers told in the meeting that 134 percent more short-term agricultural loans have been distributed to farmers in the Kharif year 2022 through cooperatives as on July 10 as compared to the previous year. In the year 2022, Rs.3928.17 crore kharif loan has been disbursed so far, as against Rs.2935.60 crore loan disbursed in the last year during the same period

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